About Feaster Charter

At Feaster Charter School, students are at the center of our decision-making. We are focused on instructional excellence and accept no excuses for lack of student performance. We are a school where instruction matters, teachers engage in the identification and implementation of research -based practices that make a positive impact on student learning. Our teachers use current research on teaching and learning to improve their instructional practice for the success of all students. All staff is committed to increasing student achievement for all students. Teachers and staff are evaluated and can be rewarded for their performance in moving student achievement forward. Through the focus on standards, assessment, curriculum and instruction, professional development, and learning environments, students leave our school prepared to thrive in today’s global economy.

Core values:

  • We have a Growth Mindset
  • We keep all staff and every student in mind
  • We commit and follow through

Our Beliefs

  • A standards-based, rigorous education is the key factor to success in the 21st
  • Student achievement is the watershed benchmark of all we do.
  • Staff members, parents, and the community are all an integral part of ensuring student success.
  • Children benefit from understanding and honoring other cultures.
  • All students will be college and career ready.
  • Teaching students Core Values helps them become productive members of society.
  • Differentiation is the best practice for meeting the varied learning needs of all students.
  • School is a place for learning for children, staff and parents.
  • Parent involvement as classroom volunteers, in parent conferences and attendance at school events is an essential element of student success.
  • Educating and training parents increases the academic achievement for students as well
  • Staff development and coaching ensure best practices. 
  • Proficiency in the Arts, Sciences, and Physical Education supports students in healthy and well-rounded lifestyles.
  • Technology is a tool to be used to increase student engagement, learning, and problem solving. It is a tool to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information.


At Feaster Charter School, students, parents, members of the faculty, and community members are committed to our common Vision. Together, we value diversity and promote equity for all.  We take great pride in our school and always strive to create the best possible learning environment for our children.

In order to prepare for the demands of the 21st century, students need to know core curricular areas as well as how to use their knowledge and skills by thinking independently and critically. Students must be able to apply knowledge to new situations, analyze information, and comprehend new ideas, while putting into practice effective communication, collaboration, problem solving, and decision-making. We value the role of education that works with both sides of the brain, emphasizing both knowledge and creativity.

We believe that every person has an innate desire to know and to understand, and that learning is the most important journey in every person’s life. The Feaster Charter students and staff are committed to an overall purpose and a set of core values.

Our Purpose:

Feaster exists to foster the academic, social, emotional, and physical achievement of ALL students in school and in life.

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